ACME Grupė

We are a socially responsible group of Lithuanian capital companies that bring the latest technologies to the Baltic countries. This group unites 36 companies which operates in wholesale trade and repair of various electronic devices, film production and distribution, quarry business, real estate and renewable energy project development.

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ACME grupės veiklos sritys

  • Technologies

    ACME Grupė was established in 1993 when the industry of ICT technologies in Lithuania was only in its earliest development stage and…

  • Movies

    The creators of ACME Grupė dipped into the movie distribution market and established a specialised film distribution company at the…

  • Services

    As ACME Grupė group of companies grew and its sphere of interests broadened, there were several companies created to ensure...

  • Investment

    While diversifying its business ACME Grupė is confident to venture into new activities, which are not necessarily related to group‘s…

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ACME Grupe
Consolidated turnover of ACME Grupe
companies in 2020
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ACME grupės vertybės


We take responsibility for our decisions. We care after each other and the environment. We are independent.


We keep commitments. We are loyal. We collaborate.


We are open to changes. We learn and grow togeather.

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If you are interested in working with us, have an entrepreneurial spirit, consider yourself to be creative, daring and love challenges? Then send your CV to us via

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