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Space for global partnerships

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“The success of „Acme Grupė“ companies depends not only on the personal qualities and competences of the people who work there, but also on the society in which they grow.”

As part of its successful business development, the group of companies founded Acme Good Deeds, a public institution which, together with its social partners, contributes to the common good of society by taking part in and engaging in social projects.

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Together with the team

„Acme Grupė“ is distinguished by its strong team of professionals. The Group’s employees have an excellent knowledge of their field, the products and the projects for which they are responsible. 

This is one of the major elements of the „Acme Grupė“ growth success. Knowledge can increase when it is shared, which is why „Acme Grupė“ Mentoring Programme was born, involving dozens of employees and mentors from the Group and other Lithuanian companies.

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Together with business partners

„Acme Grupė“ brings together more than 30 companies and more than several hundred brands of goods and products.

By keeping abreast of the latest market needs, developments, demand and trends, „Acme Grupė“ companies together with their partners are able to offer the best solutions for the Baltic markets.

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