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Acme Grupė is a space of global partnerships.  Here, we have expanded our activities in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in the areas of wholesale distribution of cutting-edge technological equipment and films, repairing technical equipment, renewable energy and real estate.

Our team – top experts in their respective fields, with a deep understanding of the markets, trends and best solutions in different countries. Thanks to its professional team, „Acme Grupė“ can offer society a more comfortable life every day with the value it creates.


The story of the current „Acme Grupė“ group of companies began in 1993. Three students of Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty of Humanities, namely Stede Ingram, Tomas Palšis and Stepas Telešius, started their business while offering courses of English language. One of them was teaching English language while the others were looking for clients.


While being active and creative people the founders of „Acme Grupė“ expanded their activities in 1994 and started a new business – import and distribution of magnetic storages (for audio and video) in Lithuania. As the competition in this area increased, it was decided to start producing video tapes instead of importing them, and this was a beginning of „Acme Europe“.


In 1996 as the business of „Acme Europe“ expanded, a subsidiary in Latvia was created. Currently „Acme Europe“ is one of the largest producers of IT accessories and energy saving lamps in Central and Eastern Europe.


In 1997 the activities of „Acme“ expanded even more – the company entered the business of retail and distribution of computer parts.


In 1998 operations of retail and distribution of computer parts were separated from „Acme“ and a new company „Acme“ kompiuterių komponentai (currently known as „ACC Distribution“ was created. The business of this company was so successful that the local market became too skimpy – it was decided to expand it into foreign countries: Latvia (1998), Estonia (2005), Georgia (2006), Armenia (2011) and Belarus (2011).


In 1999 Žilvinas Naujokas – one of the most famous Lithuanian cinema producers – came back to Lithuania from the United States of America with a business idea to distribute films. At the end of that year the first movie (Vampires) was shown in Lithuanian cinema theatres – this marked the beginning of „Acme Film“ business.
In 2007 the company was managing Senasis trestas and Planeta cinema theatres. The company is engaged in the business of distribution of film production of the biggest movie studios in the world. As the economic situation in Lithuania and other Baltic countries improved, more and more cinema theatres opened in the region.
„Acme Film“ expanded its business accordingly – in 2004 it established a subsidiary in Latvia and in 2007 another subsidiary started its operations in Estonia.


In 2001 Acme Grupė acquired company Audis. This enterprise is a provider of wholesale and retail service of audio and video recordings, data storage and accessories. It is also a provider of positioning service in stores and offers product monitoring and merchandising services, as well as related logistic services in the Baltic states.


In 2005 „Acme Grupė“ acquired a controlling interest of Drąseikių karjeras and started to develop a business of gravel quarries.


In 2006 Servisa ICT – a company which provides professional IT and computer repair service, as well as repair and maintenance service for household electronics, phones, etc. – was established. Currently, the company also has subsidiaries in Latvia, Estonia and Georgia.


In 2007 another company of „Acme Grupė“, known as „AVAD Baltic“, was established. In the same year it became the official distributor of Apple production in the Baltic states.


In 2013 a new company, called A Labs, was created. The main activity of this company is to invest into new and promising businesses of „Acme Grupė“ group of companies as well as expand their activities.


In 2014 „Acme Grupė“ acquired its stake in Agropro, which currently is the largest hemp grower, processor, and trader in the Baltic countries and the largest organic hemp grower in Europe.


Aurora Cannabis has acquired „Acme Grupė“ companies: Agropro and Borela. The companies have grown organic fibre cannabis and supplied their products in Europe.


Two companies of „Acme Grupė“ („ACC Distribution“ and „Acme Europe“) were reorganized by merger. „ACC Distribution“ continued to operate after taking over all rights, obligations and assets of „Acme Europe“.


„Acme Grupė“ has started developing and managing energy projects. „Acme Grupė“ established the company „Acme Solar Group“.


„Acme Solar Group“ manages five sustainable energy companies. These companies are responsible for developing solar and wind energy projects. The group develops 12 MW solar energy projects, 14 MW wind energy projects and operates an existing 9 MW wind farm.





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The social responsibility axis of the ACME Grupė is based on the involvement of employees in social responsibility.


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consolidated turnover of „Acme Grupė“ group of companies in 2022



Our priority is to be a responsible business

The „Acme Grupė“ Code of Conduct provides guidelines to help put „Acme Grupė“ values into practice and to ensure compliance with „Acme Grupė“ internal rules and the highest standards of business ethics. 

This enables us to develop long-term relationships with our customers and partners, to ensure the quality of our products and services, and to promote the best in our people. For more information on the Code of Conduct, please download the attached document.

We strive not only to comply with the minimum legal requirements, our priority is to be a responsible business. By ensuring that all „Acme Grupė“ companies adhere to the values and general principles of the „Acme Grupė“, we want to be the first to notice and be informed of possible breaches of the law by our employees in the course of their business activities in Lithuania or abroad. 

Please report any such observations to compliance@acme.lt. We assure you that your reports will be promptly and thoroughly investigated.

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Board members

Tomas Palšis
Chairman of the Board
Stepas Telešius
Member of the Board
Stede W. Ingram
Member of the Board
Valdas Jazbutis
Member of the Board
Karolis Pocius
Independent Board Member


Sergej Artemiuk
Chief Executive Officer
Daiva Rūkavičienė
Chief Financial Officer
Lina Liaukonienė
Chief Risk and Sustainability Officer