A team of professionals

Our main strength is our professional and team-oriented people, who are constantly developing, unlocking their potential and realising their ideas and ambitions. Join us!

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Mentorship that helps to grow

„Acme Grupė“ is distinguished by its team of strong professionals. The Group’s employees have a deep understanding of their field, the products and the projects for which they are responsible. This is one of the greatest elements of „Acme Grupė“ growth success.

In this case, the Mentoring programme in the „Acme Grupė“, which has been running for more than 5 years now, helps to further develop the different competences and broaden the approach.

Each year, the mentoring programme gives over 30-40 participants the opportunity to participate and to grow with professionals from both „Acme Grupė“ and other companies.


Inspiring culture


Who is an Ambassador? An ambassador is someone who can confidently say “I am proud of my employer”. We are delighted to have many team members and former colleagues who advocate the Group companies. We also have a separate club for those who want to actively represent the Group’s name. 

In the club, we learn a lot, from public speaking and creative writing to social media management. And, of course, in various formats we share our competences. 

Community hours

How do come up with more ideas in a team? By sharing them. During Community Hours, team members from Group companies and market professionals share their most interesting experiences, insights, and knowledge. Here we not only learn, but also broaden our horizons, exchange and grow together.


SummerFest, the Good Deeds Fair, Christmas parties are all part of „Acme Grupė“ DNA. We are as good at having fun and laughing together until dawn as we are at achieving our business goals.

Acme CUP

„Acme Grupė“ active leisure programme attracts hundreds of colleagues every year to try out active pastimes. Squash, volleyball, badminton, city orienteering, mind games, yoga classes, wakeboarding, kayaking, cycling, or maybe the soothing sound of a gong? „Acme CUP“ can surprise everyone!

Acme People

The culture of the „Acme Grupė“ is shaped by people who:

  • Take ownership
  • Strive for the best performance
  • Are open to change
  • Care about others and the environment
  • Share openly
  • Continuously improve
  • Create an atmosphere of trust

The selection


Remote interview with a recruiter


Interview with the direct manager


Practical assignment or trial working day (this stage is applied upon request)


Discussion of the assignment in the office or meeting with relevant supervisors, colleagues


Why „Acme Grupė“?

Edvinas Urbonavičius: “What impresses me the most is the internal communication culture, which is why I recommend „Acme Grupė“. I have had many adventures during my career and the interactions with my colleagues makes the workplace feel like home or being in a group of friends. 

Here I can share ideas and not be afraid of being criticised, no one counts the minutes you spend behind the screen, but everyone appreciates the result, the effort, and the will to do more.”