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Business Investment Laboratory

Acme Solar Group

„Acme Solar Group“ is a group of renewable energy companies within the „Acme Grupė“. The Group currently owns several solar energy companies and wind energy companies.

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Servisa ICT

„Servica ICT“ is an authorised service centre for Apple, Allview, Asus, Blaupunkt, Brother, Cata, Dell, Ecovacs, Epson, Lenovo, Lexmark, LG, Manta, Medion, MSI, Optoma, Panasonic, Prime3, Sharp and Xiaomi.

The company provides professional service and repair of computer and IT equipment, household appliances, home electronics and telephones.

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Acme Valda

The growth of the „Acme Grupė“ and the broadening of its range of interests have led to the need for professional management of a heterogeneous structure. „Acme Valda“ is the service centre of the „Acme Grupė“ companies, providing a wide range of information technology, finance, accounting, HR, communication and other services to the Group’s related businesses.

Integrity and transparency are among „Acme Valda“ strategic values, which the company adheres to in the development of the company’s activities, in working and cooperating with clients, and in strengthening relations with partners. For this reason, together with other „Acme Grupė“ companies „Acme Valda“ is guided by the following general principles for the implementation of Compliance.

We also invite you to read the Privacy Notice of „Acme Valda“ Ltd.

Acme NT

A real estate management and administration company engaged in new real estate projects, managed by „Acme Grupė“.

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