“Acme Grupė” renews its brand image and visual identity

“Acme Grupė”, one of the largest Lithuanian capital groups in the Baltic states involved in wholesale electronics, films distribution, sustainable energy, and other business areas, has renewed its visual identity. According to Sergej Artemiuk, „Acme Grupė“ CEO, it reflects the founding principles of the group’s activities: continuous cooperation and high competence.

Over 30 years of its existence, the visual identity of „Acme Grupė“ has evolved in response to changes in its activities, the organization’s culture, and the natural expectations of the market.

“For many years „Acme Grupė“ has been a space for global partnerships: we represent over 250 world-famous brands that are loved and used by millions of consumers in the Baltics every day. As a group, we are constantly growing and looking for new partners, so the new visual identity reflects our culture and corporate activities even better and strengthens „Acme Grupė“ association with partnerships, innovation, and internationalization,” comments Sergej Artemiuk, CEO of „Acme Grupė“.

Synthesis Consulting Group, an agency of strategic consultants, developed the new brand and visual identity of „Acme Grupė“.

Artemiuk said that the group of companies is creating new standards of professionalism in its activities and pays special attention not only to establishing new partnerships but also to fostering long-term relationships and loyalty.

“Our motto is ‘partnerships that lead us forward’. This motto also defines our entire concept. We operate as solution experts in the space of global partnerships that eventually become the „Acme Grupė“. Partnerships lead us in one way or another into tomorrow and make today much more comfortable. We strive to create and offer something that people use every day. This is how our new goal was born: to make life easier and more convent by leveraging various technologies and other our products,” says the Group’s CEO.

New visual identity

The new „Acme Grupė“ brand has an arch motif that connects the different businesses of the Group. A graphic brand element made up of intersecting arches has also been created to symbolize collaboration and a driven team.

The visual identity is based on a colour palette of green, blue, and lilac, which are used separately to reflect the company’s different activities: green represents the digital environment, reliability, and technology, blue represents modernity and humanity, and lilac represents solidity and reliability.

“„Acme Grupė“ brings together industry leaders and actively contributes to solving social problems. However, until now it has been known more widely only among professionals in the industry. So our team was tasked with refreshing an already established brand and helping to reveal the uniqueness of „Acme Grupė“: a team of experienced professionals who build long-term partnerships with the world’s leading brands and set new standards of professionalism,” says Rapolas Ručinskas, a strategist at Synthesis Consulting Group.

According to him, the process of repositioning the brand and refining the new visual identity involved the active participation of the Group CEO and shareholders, as well as the company’s ambassadors — the employees and team members responsible for the company’s communication and culture.

Alongside the visual identity, the communication strategy was updated. As a partnership platform, „Acme Grupė“ will focus on communication directions developed together with business partners, group companies, mentoring experts, and NGOs.

“Operating in a cutting-edge technology environment, we understand that no business can act alone. Productive and mutually beneficial collaboration is essential to achieve the goals we have set. All our activities are developed with our partners, both social projects and sustainability policies. We believe that with our renewed communication strategy, we can implement even more projects that benefit society,” comments Artemiuk.

„Acme Grupė“ consists of 33 companies operating in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, among which the most well-known are „ACC Distribution“, a wholesale distributor of technological equipment, „AVAD Baltic“, „Acme Film“, a distributor of films, „Acme Solar Group“, a sustainable energy company, „Acme NT“, a real estate management and maintenance company, „Servica ICT“, authorised service providers, and the in-house centre of competence, „Acme Valda“. „Acme Grupė“ companies in the Baltic states employ over 400 people.