ACC Distribution is Rebranded to Provide More Expert Services to the Market

As part of an ambitious business strategy, ACC Distribution, a wholesaler of electronics belonging to the ACME Grupė, has renewed its brand image and visual identity. The changes are aimed at strengthening synergies with global brands, following innovative directions and expanding the gateways for global brands to enter the Baltic markets.

ACC Distribution, as one of the largest technology distributors in the Baltics, has been a leader in introducing the most promising electronics equipment brands to the market for several years. The company strives to ensure the shortest path for the introduction of technology brands in areas ranging from the regional market, channel knowledge and marketing services, to a seamless logistics chain and financial solutions. 

“With more than 20 years of intensive work with international partners and Baltic clients, we have accumulated a great deal of experience. That is why we can confidently call the company the gateway to the regional market for global brands. We will strive to do this with even greater synergy so that we can offer Baltic consumers not only the latest technologies but also the latest global trends. The brands we represent also offer new opportunities and valuable insights into the local market,” commented Žymantas Baušys, CEO of ACC Distribution. 

New visual identity

The changes include a major overhaul of the company’s corporate image and strategy, including the visual identity of the company and the branding it has used since 2011. The new logo embodies the character of a modern, reliable brand. 

“The new logo reflects the idea that our team and our company will supply the fastest route to new opportunities for our partners and customers. ACC Distribution is the gateway to the future of technology. We select and find the latest solutions to meet the needs of the market and the expectations of our customers and suppliers,” said Žymantas Baušys. 

For the new corporate logo, the arch symbols corresponding to the letters ACC were chosen to form the shape of a portal, to express a focus on the future. The blue colour chosen for the logo reflects the company’s dynamic activities. 

“We believe that the new image of ACC Distribution embodies and reflects our company’s core values and strengths – responsibility, trust, taking a broad approach and renewal,” said Žymantas Baušys. 

According to the CEO of ACC Distribution, the need for this renewal was triggered by the merger of ACME Europe and ACC Distribution in 2019, as well as by changes taking place in the market. 

“At that time, we’d already started thinking that the old image no longer reflected ACC Distribution, but we decided not to rush the change. A few years later, when we were developing our ambitious strategy for 2022-2024, we realised that the time was right. In particular, the need for our business clients to be the first to know about the latest technological trends and for the manufacturers they represent to have relevant knowledge about the regional markets is growing,” Žymantas Baušys emphasised. 

The visual identity update is focused on highlighting ACC Distribution’s strengths and the value we creates for our partners and customers. We also involved the company’s employees in the renewal process. 

“It’s not just about updating a website or an office signboard. We wanted to develop a new operational and communication strategy, including new social projects, periodic market research analyses and presentations of the results, and education for the personal development of our employees. We consistently strive to be experts in the electronics equipment market. This allows us to dictate trends and offer only the best and most up-to-date technologies, as well as to share but also help create new business success stories,” Žymantas Baušys said. 

He emphasised that the partners and customers of ACC Distribution will benefit from these positive changes. The company is ready to share its knowledge through a variety of communication tools, as well as to continue improving its customer and partner experiences. 

The company was assisted by the strategic consultants at Synthesis Consulting Group. 

ACC Distribution, an ACME Group company, represents more than 200 suppliers and brands of information technology, computer hardware, software, audio, video, computer games, e-mobility, and home appliances. They include Dell, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Asus, Acer, Microsoft, OnePlus, LG, Samsung, Trina Solar and others. The ACC Distribution group consists of 7 companies operating in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The company has created over 200 jobs.