The Code of Conduct of ACME grupė provides guidelines to help us implement ACME grupė’s values
and ensure adherence to the internal rules of ACME group and the highest standards of business ethics in
practice. This allows us to develop long term relationships with our customers and partners, to ensure
the quality of goods and services, to encourage the best employees.

This Code of Conduct applies to all employees of ACME grupė, as well as for the members of the
Management Board, managers and partners representing ACME grupė companies. If you have any
questions or think that certain actions could be incompliant with the guidelines provided in this Code
of Conduct, do not be silent and seek advice from your supervisor. We want to hear from you, build
trust and create a transparent business environment together.

Business partners of ACME grupė are also obliged to familiarize with this Code of Conduct, particularly
the parts relating to anti-corruption, trade controls and sanctions, and implement and comply with its
principles or analogous set of rules in all their business activities. They are also expected to have
adequate control tools and procedures to ensure their compliance with the Code of Conduct

Honesty and transparency are two of the strategic values that we follow in our business while working and cooperating with our customers and strengthening our relationships with our partners. For this reason, we follow these general Principles of Compliance. Our aim is to notice and resolve inconsistencies, possible violations of legal acts by employees of companies in Lithuania or in foreign countries. If anybody will notice such kind of situation, please let us know by email All reports will be promptly and thoroughly investigated.