Wholesale Giant Introduces App that Has No Analogues

ACC Distribution app

“ACC Distribution” one of the biggest companies in wholesale in Georgia and the Baltic countries and the first one in this market, presented an app to its clients. This app lets business clients receive messages related to new products or special offers in real-time and order them immediately with only several button pushes.

The company representing more than 200 brands and suppliers of IT, hardware, software, audio, video and photography, computers games and home appliances aims to revolutionize the experience of business clients in the process of ordering goods. “One of the strategical objectives of our company is to optimize the order of represented products while installing innovative technological decisions. While following these objectives, in the middle of last year we have launched a new web-site for product ordering named “E-commerce” – it has totally new design, which is more functional and attractive to customers. The new app made good start on December,” Regimantas Buožius, CEO at “ACC Distribution”, spoke about new business decisions.

According to him, clients are able to see personalized special offers, products on sale, news and relevant business decisions. Fast review of goods effectively allows customers to get acquainted with the parameters of goods, see photographs. “Clients have a possibility to mark their favorite pages and open them with one button push later, use other functions as well,” Regimantas Buožius named benefits of new decisions.

He also stressed that during several months from the launch of this app, it was downloaded by more than 370 business clients, who are using Android and iOS operating systems. CEO at “ACC Distribution” stated that the customers spend on average 10 minutes in website “E-commerce” while ordering goods, and orders are performed much faster with this app – they took on average 6 minutes. “We have recorded that the business clients log in to our ordering system more than 2000 times per day, and numbers of connections via mobile phones increase constantly. After the app was launched, only in 2 months, the number of accessions via mobile devices, smartphones and tablet computers had increased by 45 %. Once again this proves the fact that the partners give a priority to connection via mobile devices while using offered convenient app,” Regimantas Buožius added his insights. Also, he stated that a new system is being developed further while analyzing the needs of customers carefully and trying to provide them with individual additional benefits.

“ACC Distribution” is a part of “ACME Grupe” companies. “ACC Distribution” represents over 200 IT, computer equipment, software, audio, video, photo companies, computer game creators and household appliance companies, as well as brands from all over the world. Among the brands it represents such names as Asus, Dell, Intel, Hitachi, Lenovo, Microsoft and others. This company operates in the Baltic countries and in Caucasus and Kaliningrad regions.