New director of ACME Film

Starting from the 25th of September Audrius Dūdėnas will become the new director of ACME Film and will replace Artūras Palekas, who recently left our organisation.

Audrius has been working in ACME Film for over 10 years and has a good knowledge of specifics in movie industry business. His career began with a DVD movie, later he took care of the VOD in the Baltic States and eventually worked as a manager of home cinema distribution and development.

According to Stede Ingram ACME Film chairman of the board, we expect that new CEO will maintain sustainability and stability of the business. Also, strengthen the team and will make that ACME Film would be the leader in the film market, which will dictate the trends and the highest standards for the market. „During his work year Audrius has proven that he is reliable, so we hope he will succeed in this position as well“, – Stede Ingram said.

Audrius Dudėnas mentioned that he feels good working in a movie business industry, he knows the company from the inside and the new position will give him even greater opportunities for self-realization and improvement.

Congratulations to the new ACME Film director, we wish you the best of luck!