ACMErship” Academy – A New Attitude towards Employees’ Nurturing and Changes in Organization


Every day quite a big number of the personnel heads of Lithuanian organizations are puzzled as to how the employees’ competence could be motivated and improved so that they would both adapt to the changing conditions of the market and make crucial changes in the organizations. Wishing to provide the necessary competences and tools for those changes coming into the world, this year “ACME Grupe” started a unique constant employees’ nurturing program of a new format – “ACMErship” Academy.

According to Personnel Head of „ACME Grupe“ Rasa Buoziene the aim of the academy is to develop intellectually and to expand the attitude of the employees to business and its environment enabling to create and manage the group businesses easier. “We are aiming to assist the employees of our enterprise group to acquire the competences necessary for the success of the future and the initiation of positive changes” – one of the movers of “ACMErship” Academy said.

To make the organization change, the people who are creating it must grow and change, our aim is to assist them to grow.

In the Academy which started at the beginning of this year and will continue the whole year 40 employees of various spheres from all the companies controlled by „ACME Grupe“ are participating. According to Stepas Telesius, the Chairman of the Board of „ACME Grupe“, this Academy is especially important, as the organization must constantly adapt to the dynamic environment of business. “For the changes of organization maintaining its culture at the same time the people who are creating it must grow and change, our aim is to assist them to grow” – Stepas Telesius said. In his opinion, in business much depends on the mutual relations of people. To create such relations which we would foster both in the job and would “bring” home, everybody must personally raise the tasks of personal improvement and the aim of the organization is to create conditions for adapting the results at work.

Organization Ready for the Future

“A person is actively acting when he feels the significance. I raise my cap facing „ACME Grupe“, as there are few such initiatives as this in Lithuania. I believe that the Academy can become an example to other organizations” – Ugnius Savickas, Head of ISM Innovations Base, spoke. In his opinion, the times for such Academy are suitable, as we are in the predawn of the 4th industrial revolution. All the changes of business ecosystem are taking place at present: we are not coping with the surplus of information and sometimes we have to pass decisions having 30-40 per cent of the necessary information, so the demand for new competencies, such as empathy, intuition and others, appears. Flexibility to changes and time of reaction are the matters to which we must adapt today, so organizations are essentially transforming: becoming network, flexible, two-dimensional. Adequate interpretation of tendencies, learning more and more becomes self-help when we can take the information when we need it, as much as we need and adapted individually”, – Ugnius Savickas consulting business enterprises on the problems of cleansing of essential competences and nurturing stated.

Academy is a phenomenon in which the competences of present and future „ACME Grupe“ employees are cultivated

Personnel Head of „ACME Grupe“ Rasa Buoziene asked what the participants of the Academy were doing during the sessions indicated that the learning process took place in several directions. The participants are studying individually, together with a learning buddy, in teams of 10 people to which they are divided and in a team of 40 people. During “”ACMErship” Academy every team creates projects which are born from themselves and are not ”dropped” by the organization.

We say that the Academy is as if a phenomenon in which many things are taking place organically and the very participants are the creators of the whole learning process. A dialogue between the Academy moderators and participants is constantly taking place depending on the issue they need during the process” – Rasa Buoziene said. According to her sometimes the participants want more theory on one of the 8 planned subjects, another time practical sessions, team or individual work and maybe only an inspiring report which an unexpected guest shares. “During the Academy we are often working under indefinite conditions as if we were dancing tango blindfold. We are constantly seeking for balance, however, our aim is one – to nurture the employees’ perseverance, creativity, consciousness and entrepreneurship. We think that the present and future employee of „ACME Grupe“ ought to be characterized for namely these competences” – Personnel Head of „ACME Grupe“ Rasa Buoziene shared her providence.