ACME Grupe will be headed by a new CEO

ACME Grupe a group of Lithuanian-owned companies informs that from the 1st of January in 2019 Sergej Artemiuk will become the new CEO of the company. At the same time, one of the shareholders, Tomas Palšis, who heads the organization, will become the chairman of the ACME Grupe board. He also will continue the work on other boards of ACME Grupe companies.

“This change is a natural development of the organization, which was scheduled a couple of years ago when Sergej Artemiuk joined the ACME Grupe team. He was hired as deputy director of finance and management. We wanted to introduce Sergej with all the processes taking place in the organization, our culture and get him involved in it. Also, we wanted that all employees would get knowledge of him“, – the strategic change commented Tomas Palšis.

According to Tomas Palšis, it is expected that Sergej Artemiuk will continue to work on a good growth dynamics of ACME Grupe companies, also he will focus on improving the complex processes of organization, enhance operational control, risk management and synergy among the group companies. “The new CEO will work on managing the group’s businesses, increasing their value, activating the implementation of strategic lines and projects at the group level. Also, he will be responsible for the improvement of capital management and planning, standardize the evaluation and implementation of investment projects and ensure the solution of all operational issues“, – said Tomas Palšis. It is anticipated that in the long run, the new CEO will become a representative of the company in the boards of other ACME Grupe companies, which will allow him to engage in the activities of the companies and enable them to achieve the goals of the shareholders.

As it was mentioned, from the 1st of January in 2019 Tomas Palšis will become the chairman of the ACME Grupe board. He will continue to participate in the boards of other group companies. “My goal is to focus more on corporate governance, to put in place good corporate governance practices that will guide management towards the implementation of the strategy. Also, I will work on the initiation of long-term strategic goals and projects by transferring a larger part of daily activities to the new CEO“, – said Tomas Palšis.

The chairman of the ACME Grupe board, Stepas Telešius, will continue to operate in the board as a member of it. He will focus on investment projects, also he will search and analyze the new and potential business areas.

Currently, ACME Grupe combines 37 companies operating in 6 countries. The group’s companies are engaged in the distribution and repair of electronics and household appliances, the production of small electronic gadgets, as well as the distribution and production of films and the production of niche products. The company employs 497 employees, and in 2017, the turnover of the group companies was 527 million EUR.