ACME Grupe participates in a project “Akinukai vaikams”

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More than one third of the world’s population suffers from vision problems. Today glasses allow us to see better, it gives us confidence and becomes everyday accessory, especially for children and young people. What if parents can’t buy glasses or replace them with new ones?

For several years now, ACME Grupe participates in a project “Akinukai vaikams” (Glasses for kids) which is organized by charity and support foundation “Vilties liepsna”. The aim of this project is to help families who have difficulties to buy glasses their children need and are prescribed by doctors. During the five years of the project, almost 400 children were given new stylish glasses and had their eyesight checked.

On this day, we want to remind you the importance of protecting your eyesight and taking care of your eyes. Also, don’t forget to help children whose biggest dream today is glasses.