ACME Film Reached Record Box Office in Baltic Countries

Arturas Palekas CEO of ACME Film

Kaunas, Lithuania. ‘ACME Film‘ announced that last year, 2016, reached totally 16 million euros of Box Office in Baltic countries from all distributed movies. The main reasons behind the record are the increasing number of distributed movies to these countries, improvement of movies quality and increasing the number of cinema-goers.

‘Box Office during 2016 had been increasingly growing up to 42 percent compared with 2015 when Box Office reached more than 11,5 million euros in Baltic countries,’- says Arturas Palekas, CEO of JSC ‘ACME Film’.

‘We think that the growth of Box Office reached this high because movies we represent attract more and more viewers besides the changing movies itself. Increasingly many films are made using the most recent computer graphic elements after thoroughly thought of every sound only to become more mesmerizing and to cause more emotions to the viewers,’- adds Arturas Palekas, CEO of ‘ACME Film”.

According to him, 17 years of work experience in the movie industry allowed ‘ACME Film’ team to develop a great taste for movies. This type of knowledge is very important when we need to choose movies that people from Baltic countries would be interested to watch. Especially when popular film genres are very different depending on the country itself. We are also very delighted because movies we represent are always getting nominated or win the nominations in Academy Awards, Golden Globes, BAFTA Awards and others.

‘For instance, Latvians most often go to see animation, Estonians loves to see feature films while Lithuanians admire easy comedies. There is one more interesting tendency – even though total population in Estonia, compared to Lithuania, is smaller, the amount of people going to cinema is almost the same,’- Arturas Palekas shares his observations.

‘Even now, after 17 years in this industry, movie viewers from all around the Baltic countries always find their way to surprise me with their taste and criteria of choosing a movie,’- he says. For example, viewers from Lithuania rarely go to see horror movies on winter than on summer. Also, it is very interesting that in top-10 all-shown-movies in Lithuania, three movies were produced in this country, while in 2016 local movies had positions in top-3. Meanwhile, in Latvia due to overall small local production share (only 5% of GBO) only one local film was in top-10.’

He says that in line with reasons of increasing Box Office growth stands the number of the movies ‘ACME Film’ is representing. ‘Last year in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia we released from 70 to 78 movies. The number varies depending on the country,’- says Arturas Palekas, CEO of ‘ACME Film’.

In the nearest future, he is willing to expand spectrum of films and to keep up the same pace of the business in all the Baltic countries.

JSC ‘ACME Film’ is a part of ‘ACME Grupe’. This group consists of more than 30 companies which operate in 9 countries. ‘ACME Film’ is the biggest independent movie distributor in the Baltic states. ACME Film is a long-term partner of such well-known Hollywood companies as Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment and many other.