1. Independent, daring and responsible decisions.

We value our partners who can make independent, enterprising and responsible decisions. We value those who meet their obligations and seek to reach the biggest goals of our company and fullfil desires of our customers. We create working environment and provide opportunities for our partners to make daring decision.

2. Openess and simplicity.

In business we base our actions on openess and simplicity. We openly express our interests and willingly listen to others. In communication with people – we are emphatic and accomodating, adapting to their needs and wishes.

3. Broad approach and regeneration.

We are professionals in the fields we operate, having open, holistic and flexible approach. We dare to discover and try out new opportunities which are being presented by our people or observed in a constantly changing business environment. We meet challenges while focusing onto the future and constantly improving ourselves.

4. Goodwill and mutual trust.

We create working environment in which our people could grow and excel. We celebrate victories and achievements. We encourange one another to work in teams, collaborate and consult while looking for the best solutions. We are reliable partners for our clients and coworkers. We look forward to longterm partnerships and affections both with and outside our group of companies.